Are you anti-EU and pro-British? - Wiltshire

Friday, 2 April 2010

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City: Wiltshire, England
Offer type: For Free


Contact name Mike
Phone 01793 541 547

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Are you anti-EU and pro-British?
Are you against this Treasonous Government?
Do you feel betrayed by the Queen?
Tired of British businesses being taken over by Foreign Owners?
Have you lost faith in ALL Political Parties?
Do you want your country back?
Do you want to celebrate being English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish without being called Racist?
Are you sick of being Politically Correct?
Repulsed by the promotion of homosexuality everywhere you look?
Offended by our Christian Churches being replaced by Mosques?
Insulted by the preferential treatment given to EU immigrants?
Do you live in Swindon, or surrounding areas?
Then you are just the man/woman … I am looking for!
Phone: (01793) 541 547 or 07936 527 357

I am not a politician! I have no desire to crawl out from beneath rocks, or to hang for Treason!
I do not place my desire for money above all else, nor do I sell my Country to the highest bidder!

NB. We have a PRETEND Democracy! It is only there … to assist the EU and (British) Traitors … in the takeover of OUR Country. As long as you believe that your vote still counts and that you still have Democratic rights, then … you are unwittingly assisting a Foreign-Power (the EU), by giving them time to install the Police-State.
Note: I don’t want your money, but … I do need Patriots!
This is nothing to do with Politics, or Racism. It is everything to do with defending our country against the EU Dictatorship, and bringing the Treasonous Politicians ... to English 'Common-Law' Justice)